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    2013 Union Jaguars organization


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Welcome to the new home of the Union Jaguars Football Association!

2016 BCPWFL Senior Division Super Bowl Champions!

The primary Mission of the Union Jaguars Football Program will be to assist in the development of all student-athletes and their growth not only as football players but also as young citizens within the community. This will be accomplished by improving their life skills as well as their football abilities. All participants will be afforded the opportunity to improve these life skills through education, frienships, teamwork, and football. The purpose of this program is to provide safe, supervised football activities for the youth of the Cooper High School district. The objectives of the Union Jaguars Youth Football Program shall be the following:
  •     To build healthy bodies and minds.
  •     To develop skills and proficiency in the game of football and related activities.
  •     To teach the concepts of teamwork, commitment, accountability, sportsmanship,   loyalty, honesty, and pride.
  •     To stimulate community interest in football.
  •     To have fun.
  •     To accomplish all of these things with the welfare of these student-athletes first and foremost, without adult ambition for personal glory.

The primary goal of the Union Jaguar  Football Program is to develop young men; who through participation in the program; will naturally progress into the Cooper Jaguar Varsity Football program which not only develops football players, but also successful community contributors in leadership roles.
Union Jaguars Football
Home of the 2016 BCPWFL Senior Division Super Bowl Champions!
3x NKYFL Senior Division Super Bowl Champions!
(2011, 2013, 2014)
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