June 07, 2017

2017 Football Information


There have been some major changes to youth and middle school football in Northern Kentucky and we wanted to update you on the changes.  Please read the entire email carefully.

First and foremost there will definitely be a Union Jaguars Football program for the 2017 football season.  We are one of the strongest programs in the area and this Board will continue to work that it remains that way.

Juniors (5th/6th Grade)

In a much needed move the BCPWFL has decided to do away with all of the different teams (Colts, Longhorns, Thunder, Blackhawks, etc…) and align the programs with the 4 high schools in Boone County.  Of course we are the feeder program for Cooper High School.  This is a very smart move by the BCPWFL and one we support creating direct feeder programs for all 4 high schools.  

However, because of the consolidation of teams it makes scheduling games with enough teams difficult.  To make sure everyone has an 8 game schedule for the Junior Division, all the way down to the starters the BCPWFL has entered in to a competition agreement with the NKYFL.  What this means is some of our Junior team games will  be against teams from the NKYFL.  We will also play “division’ games against Ryle, Boone, and Conner.

We have made it very clear that we have no interest in going to Mills Road Park to play games every week, or ever for that matter if we can avoid it.  The league will do their very best to ensure our games are either at the BCPWFL complex or at a suitable location such as another area high school with proper facilities.

It is our intention at this time to have a separate 5th grade and 6th grade team.  That of course depends on our numbers.

Seniors (7th/8th Grade)

The Seniors are still an affiliate of the BCPWFL but now they are also part of the Norsemen Division of the KMSA.  We are now eligible to play in both Regional and State Playoffs.  Our division consists of Conner, Boone, and Ryle.  There is a possibility of a few more teams joining but at this time that is all there is in our division.  

Like the Junior Division it is our intention at this time to have a separate 7th Grade and 8th Grade team.  We have to make our own 8 game schedule for the 7th and 8th grade teams.  The nice part is they will both play the same on the same day back to back.  Not all of the games are on a weekend.  We will send out the schedule once it is finalized. 


As I said earlier our teams are still aligned with the BCPWFL.  Registration has not changed from past years. All player registration can be done through the BCPWFL website at http://bcpwfl.bonzidev.com/onlinereg.  Online registration is NOW OPEN!  Please go ahead and register your child as soon as you can so we can start getting an accurate count of players on each team.


Practice will officially start the week of July 10th as the first week of games is currently scheduled for the weekend of August 5th.  We will have more information on dates and times later in the summer.


We will be updating all of this information on our website at www.unionjaguars.com.  We will also be holding a parent information and meet the coaches night later this summer.  More information will be coming out about that soon.

Please understand that this is currently a very fluid situation with the changing landscape of youth football in Northern Kentucky.  We assure you that regardless of what happens we will put together the very best program that we can for our athletes for them to be successful young men on and off the field.  


Scott Spicher
Union Jaguars Football Association